Its my pleasure to welcome you to JNJ CraftWorks!

I am super excited that you are here & Thank you for visiting JNJ Craftworks.com

My name is Jerina and I am thrilled to share the story behind creation of JNJ Craftworks.

I was looking for a gift recently, and I learned something. We don't have a shop for hand-crafted gifts here in town. We have to go out to the mall which is a bit of a drive. Then I had a bit of a flash of inspiration.

Due to my health issue, I'd been planning to leave my HR job, and had been looking for something to do with my extra time. My flash of inspiration was simple--if we didn't have my kind of gift shop, why don't I open it myself?

The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

At my gift shop, we sell primarily hand made products, most of which are local. You'll find jewelry, bath products, greeting cards, knitting accessories, and similar hand-crafted items. I make some of the items myself, and most of the rest are sourced from other local crafters.

We love local crafters. 

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