About us

Welcome to our little shop!!

I am Jerina,  your host here at JNJ Craftworks. 

Li’l about me, before JNJ Craftworks, I worked in recruiting and customer service industry.  I always enjoyed crafting whenever I could find extra time at home, either being it as recycling old t-shirt into a tote or creating handmade products. At one point I couldn’t continue working, due to severe TMJ problem.  My husband and my daughter encouraged me non-stop, feeding my dream to open JNJ Craftworks, where I can sell my own creations, teach kids to make something cool and to support others like me who create products making others happy.  

Our mission is to help you arrive with just the right gift

Why us?

We believe, when we give something to others it makes us happy and even better if it comes with a story; like scoring a double espresso chocolate ice-cream.
We offer a collection of handmade and extra special gift ideas for every occasion, so that you can always arrive with just the right thing.
Our thoughtful and made with care gifts are sure to win a smile and be cherished for years to come.

You are why we do what we do!

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