Welcome to our Giving Back Project

Thank you for your interest in knowing about our giving back project. There are 2 parts that makes this project complete. One is The Giving Jar and the other is The Gifting Jar.

” The Giving Jar ”

The Giving jar is filling up with a percentage from the sales we make each day as donation. This is our way of giving back to our community. With all fallout from COVID-19, many individuals are losing jobs. We want to be able to support a family in need this 2020 holiday season, who are affected by this pandemic and/or lost job due to COVID-19, that’s why we started this project.

Starting July 1st, the “Giving Jar” will be filling up with a percentage of our sales. Before Christmas day, we will donate the collected funds to Badger Prairie Food Pantry or someone you nominate to brighten their holiday. Also, with each gift you shop from us, you are indirectly taking part in the giving back project and please feel GOOD knowing that you are supporting many of us such as our artists, our community and us. 

You can help us by shopping with us, and, join our fun of giving back, and, seeing the fund grow every day!

” The Gifting Jar “

We strongly believe that gifting makes people happy. why we say that, you ask? since we started our giving jar, we received several messages from our customers that they would like to directly take part in the giving back project, and that’s how “The Gifting Jar” was initiated. You can participate by giving our shop gift card, or by donating money, or by shopping with us. Along with our giving jar, the funds from gifting jar, goes straight to our community. 

Yes, we have a real jar at store for this project. Have I piqued your interest in seeing the jar yet? Stop by and see the jar being filled up.

Let’s join hands and support as many as we can during this upcoming holiday!

Happy Giving!

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Any questions regarding the giving jar or gifting jar, please contact Jerina directly.