Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
Indoor egg hunt ideas

Fun ideas for Easter indoor egg hunt

We have six fun ideas which kids and adults can play. Indoor egg hunt can be fun too.

1, Dark hunting

 Just like hide and seek game, play egg hunt in the dark. Hide eggs in a darker place, even lights off, will be more fun. The kid who finds more eggs will get that golden egg.

2, Balloon or egg hunt

 Blow up balloons and throw eggs alone with it. Without popping any balloons, kids have to find eggs. Need lots of balloons—no need for a bigger space to play this game.

 3, A Puzzle hunt

 Mix two sets of puzzles and hide them inside the egg. Kids try to finish the puzzle mystery by hunting for the eggs. This game will go for hours.

 4, Puzzle hunt option 2

 With one set puzzle, Write a clue at the back of the puzzle, kids find the egg and together finish the puzzle.

  5, Kids vs. adults hunt

 Kids hide the eggs for a change. Parents find the egg.

 6, Hop with bunny

 Hop and find eggs like a bunny.

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