Mystery box, a fun way to support the makers!

Our retail location and craft shows are closed due to COVID-19, and this has been hurting many of our artists and us. We know that you want to support, so we came up with a fun way to make this experience more enjoyable for you, and we call it “The Mystery box”.

Our promise is that we will include handmade, essential, & quality gifts in your box.

What is inside the box: 

  • Each box will have handmade gifts from local and national makers.
  • Your box will have exact value or even more than what you choose as your price.
  • Each box will have a line about each maker.
  • Examples are soaps, lotion, metal jewelry, candle, tea towel, wooden bowl, and more, the same products we carry in our store.

How it works :

  • Choose your comfortable price box
  • Please send us a note with your interest like, home decor, jewelry, bath and body care, Wisconsin theme, gift color, scent, jewelry preference, or anything you think of, which will help us send a perfect box to you.
  • We will ship, deliver, or arrange curbside pickup.

Return :

  • For any reason, you are not satisfied with the gift box you received, please contact us immediately, we will accept the box and refund your money accordingly.

Thank you for supporting the makers! Pat, your back, you are fantastic!

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